Here’s to every depressed, demotivated,directionless soul, MUST MUST MUST READ!!!

Hello everyone out there.

What a pleasant chilly morning with the sun cascading its light upon the day bringing positivity, hope and energy. 

Today I want to talk to everyone out there who are in despair, depressed,hopeless,directionless,anxious, saying mean things to themselves or to the word OR to the ones who are already empowered,working up on a guided path, working upon themselves, thriving harder.

IT’S OKAY. It’s completely okay to fall, to stop, to wait, to be directionless, to be anxious , to feel powerless , to doubt the life choices and yourself FOR SOMETIME but what’s not okay is TO STAY THE SAME. You can’t do this to yourself. You came to this world for a PURPOSE. In order to fulfil that purpose you have to fail, rise,shine and continue this cycle over and over. It’s 100% natural. You have to empower yourself to be determined, badass, ambitious and go-getter. You have to be a head-strong achiever and trust me , there is no problem if you feel you are incapable of doing that for doubts may arise but don’t let it stay constant.

We all come across many questions, ‘HOW DO I ACHIEVE THIS?’, ‘WHAT IS THE PATH?’ , ‘WHAT IS MY GOAL?’, ‘ I HAVE NO RESOURCE,HELP TO IT, HOW DO I GET THERE?’ , etc. But again, I want to remind you that all answers are WITHIN YOU. You believe it or you don’t. BUT THIS IS THE TRUTH-PROOF REALITY. Now, the question comes ‘IF ALL THE ANSWERS ARE INSIDE OF ME,HOW DO I GET THERE?’ S.I.M.P.L.E !!!

Work.Work.Work. Start with the smallest thing in front of you(let’s say that thing is helping in-house chores, pet walk, learning musical instrument or new language, cooking, anything) You have to start from somewhere just remember that. Automatically, Universe will pave way for you. Now I’ll tell you how this works! Get your head on!

When you work up on little things in front of you. You accept what life is offering you. The reason I can write this whole blog post is because when I was a kid I learnt general alphabets A,B,C and basic grammar. So it all starts from basic ground and later leads to major theories and artwork. Similarly, when you work up on small things or small aspects about you, your life starts taking magical turns in a way where it’ll simultaneously pave way for your extra-ordinary bright future in long run. ( I CAN SEE YOU TWINKLING,AH.) You can never imagine a baby starting to walk, talk, eat as soon as he is born. He all starts from somewhere and so as we , the sculptors of our great bright future. Whenever we stumble , we should stand up and start things all over again and let life do it’s job. 

Just be BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. Keep on working upon yourself. No matter if you find that thing too tiny to start from. Just start doing the thing which you always wanted to do or start focusing more on your current education, career or job. But, beware, take baby steps. I don’t want you to fall into self-guilt trap by making unrealistic goals to conquer and when you are unable to trap that thing down, you start that negative self-talk that ‘Oh, you are good for nothing.’ , ‘It was so easy, yet you couldn’t.’ , etc etc. So that’s why I advise you to take baby steps. Let’s say if you want to work up on your fitness so on day 1, start visiting or checking out the location where you’d be working out , be it a park or gym. You really not need to go there on first place itself. Hey, it’s still an achievement!. Coming on to day 2 , where you bought the respective sportswear and start working out a little and so on. So start little by little and one day that one or few drops of water will turn it up into an ocean. WAIT N’ WATCH! 

So to conclude , I’d like to say that whatever has been done is done. Stop worrying over spilt milk. Stand tall , push your shoulders back, chin up and beat the battles and all negative pull overs. You can ace it. Win over and achieve anything you want to. Day-by-day become the best version of yourself. Be grateful. Share positive thoughts. Don’t carry time or energy for negative thoughts or people cause your future don’t want it as an excuse. Believe me , your bright future is CALLING YOU. Your best version is CALLING YOU. Your abundance is CALLING YOU. It’s just asking you to take ONE BABY STEP and then enjoy your abundant,prosperous, rich dollar life,everafter

Sending all the positivity , power and love your way. 🙂 Take care till we meet next time. ❤️